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The Dependable Family Lawyer

From divorce cases to instances of domestic violence, your freedom, safety, and reputation are often on the line in family legal matters. Don't approach these crucial situations alone. Katherine E Peterson is the experienced family lawyer you can count on to cater to your needs and goals. Under her guidance, our office provides a compassionate ear to hear your family's history and your goals for your case's resolution.

Support at Every Stage

We believe in putting you in the best position possible after the difficult process of pursuing a family law case. That starts with a completely free consultation. Either in-person or over the phone, we'll listen to your needs and explain our process. From that first meeting, we analyze all the factors involved and apply our extensive experience in family and divorce law to determine a reasonable outcome goal — and how we can help you attain it. With this personalized service, you're always ready to do what's necessary for your family's future.